National Braille Literacy Awareness Resources

January is National Braille Literacy Awareness Month, in honor of the creator of the Braille System, Louis Braille.  Louis created the raised dot code for himself and other individuals who were blind.

Although Louis wasn’t born blind he became that way after injuring himself at a very young age by poking himself in the eye with his father’s awl.  An awl is a small pointed tool used for piercing holes in such things as leather (Louis’s father was a leather-worker).

I had no idea braille started out as a military code which was created by the French Army. They used the code to communicate safely at night. So, braille was originally called “night writing”. 

When Louis was a young boy he learned about the night writing code and from it developed the braille code.

I have a free Braille ABC Reference Guide at the end of this post for you 😉


Free Homeschooling Options

There’s so much to consider when homeschooling. One of the biggies is the budget. If you are a single homeschooling parent like me, you are most likely looking for a kid-friendly and inexpensive curriculum.  Over the past twelve years, we’ve come across a few free homeschooling options that are worth sharing.


When You Know Your Why

Do you spend a large part of your day just getting through? You know, completing one task after another just to mark it off your to-do list. Or in the case of homeschooling, just trying to get through each lesson to check off another day of attendance. Maybe you work outside of your home,


Red Nose Day

Ever wonder why a clown style red nose is the symbol of Red Nose Day? Well according to RedNose.Org. it’s because a red nose is “simple yet powerful, visible and playfulIt brings us together, breaks down barriers, and reminds us of the power of laughter.


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