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Do you spend a large part of your day just getting through? You know, completing one task after another just to mark it off your to-do list. Or in the case of homeschooling, just trying to get through each lesson to check off another day of attendance. Maybe you work outside of your home,

then it might be a matter of moving from one duty to the next until it’s time to clock out. All of this could be because we only focus on the WHAT. What do I need to do next? When you know your WHY it can be a game changer!

Knowing your why can make all the difference in your life and the lives of those around you. It can make all the difference in your productivity, and it can also make all the difference in your attitude.

knowing your why helps you see the big picture

For the stay at home mom with the never-ending dishes, laundry, meals to prepare, and errands to run, think about your why. Why are you doing these things day in and day out? Perhaps it’s because of the husband that puts himself out there every day to provide the home that needs to be cleaned, and the clothes that need to be washed, and the food that needs to be prepared. And maybe there are the children that God loaned to you to love, nurture, and disciple, who are looking to you for all these things. And let’s not forget the example you’re setting for them. Perhaps there’s also a sick friend who, if it weren’t for your love and concern, wouldn’t have a hot meal for her family if you had not taken the time to prepare and deliver one.

For the homeschooling mom, you have all of the above PLUS educating your children every day.  I know homeschooling can be tough. We are in our twelfth year and we still have struggles. Maybe taking a step back, breathing in a deep breath, and just looking at your precious children. I mean REALLY LOOK. Remember WHY you started this homeschooling journey? Graduation day will come soon enough, too soon, if you ask me!

For the mom that’s working outside of the home, it can be tough! I know, I work outside of the home and homeschool my children when I get home. Whatever your job is, there’s a reason you’re there. For example, I work as a dietary aide for an assisted living facility. Now, a dietary aide is just a fancy title for dishwasher and helping out where I can in the kitchen. I took this job out of necessity. I have been working there for six months and I can honestly say I love this job. It’s more than a job for me. I love the residents! These precious souls make my days. They have my heart. So when I get in a bad place in my mind I have to take a moment alone and refocus. This isn’t about me, this is all about them. THEY ARE MY WHY at work.

This YouTube video is an awesome example of how knowing your why can really impact your what.

Did you catch that? “When you know your why your what has more impact because you are walking in or toward your purpose”

Such an awesome fact to remember!

I’ve created a worksheet to help you refocus on your why. Grab it below!

Much love and many blessings!

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