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When Valentine’s Day comes around each year I don’t think about all that romantic stuff like most people. What I think about when it comes to Valentine’s Day are my school days. When I went to public school

it wasn’t so bad (I’m showing my age). Every year while in elementary school we would make our “mailboxes” to hold our Valentine’s Day cards, usually out of Kleenex boxes. It was so much fun decorating them. Then when the day came we would all put our boxes out on our desks and take turns “delivering” our cards. Well, this week I’ve decided to post a Valentine’s Day Ideas for your Homeschool Series and today’s idea is CRAFTS.

Here are 11 neat craft ideas to try out

                                                                       String Heart Yarn Cards


Felt Heart Mobile


Clay Heart Valentines

                                                                   Puffy Painted Hearts

                                                                   Salt Dough Heart Necklaces


Valentine’s Day Cards using Shaving Cream

                                                                     LEGO Accessory Valentines




Salt Dough Conversation Hearts

                                                                                     Newspaper Heart Cards


 DIY Heart Crayons

Thank you hellowonderful.co, redtedart.com, alisaburke.blogspot.com, scrumdillydo.blogspot.com, amazingmae.blogspot.com, messforless.net,chezbeeperbebe.blogspot.com, macombdaily.com, pintsizedtreasures.com, artbarblog.com, and princesspinkygirl.com for all of your wonderful ideas!!

Please, post some pictures showing us how your creations turn out in the comments below. And of course, you could always make a Kleenex mailbox too 😉

Much Love & Happy Crafting!


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