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I know it’s the middle of January and I’m a bit late on my Word of the Year 2017, but I haven’t had a word of the year before now.  I have seen a lot of people doing this and I thought a Word of the Year could be used as an awesome accountability tool in my walk with the Lord.

My first thought was to go with the word Abide because that is where I want to be ALL THE TIME, abiding in God.  But in doing a Word Study I realized that while Abide is a really good choice, it just didn’t cover all that I wanted my word to cover.  So I am choosing Heart for my Word of the Year.

Definition of the Word Heart

  • The chief part; the vital part; the vigorous or efficacious part.
  • The seat of the affections and passions, as of love, joy, grief, enmity, courage, pleasure etc.
  • The seat of the understanding; as an understanding heart.
  • The seat of the will; hence, secret purposes, intentions or designs.
  • Person; character; used with respect to courage or kindness.
  • Courage; spirit; as, to take heart; to give heart; to recover heart
  • Disposition of mind.
  • Conscience, or sense of good or ill.
  • Strength; power of producing; vigor; fertility.
  • The utmost degree.  <— This one is my favorite!

Some Synonyms of the Word Heart

  • Character – building up my character in all I say, do, and think.  Aligning all of it with God’s will.  Setting a better example for my children.
  • Feeling – being more in tune with others and what/how they are feeling.
  • Love – the soul of all virtues, pouring love into all areas of my life.  (Corinthians 13:1-3)
  • Soul – guarding my soul and growing closer to God, the Guardian of my soul.  Actively protecting my children’s souls and encouraging my husband’s.
  • Affection – showing more affection to those around me through my behavior, tone, and facial expressions, more hugs and patience.
  • Benevolence – doing good for others, being more mindful of needs, loving and actively caring about mankind the way God would have me.
  • Compassion – showing more sympathy and mercy, being more tender-hearted.
  • Disposition – a settled and peaceful disposition regardless of life’s circumstances.
  • Gusto –  living with enthusiastic enjoyment and appreciating every gift of a day that the Lord gives me.
  • Humanity – filling my days with acts of tenderness toward man and beast(animals).
  • Inclination – disposition of mind, keeping my mind on what is most important. (Philippians 4:8)
  • Sympathy – showing more care, concern, and empathy for others and what they are going through, expressing God’s love toward them.
  • Temperament – I will have a Spirit-controlled temperament.
  • Tenderness – being more tender in my actions and words, sensitive to others feelings.
  • Zest  living each day with enthusiastic joy, rejoicing in my Lord always! (1 Peter 1:8)

You can see why I have chosen Heart for my Word of the Year.  Heart encompasses so much!  My goal is to have HEART in everything I do, from dishes to relationships, especially my relationship with God, to homeschooling, to spreading the Gospel and seeing souls saved, to my thought life and how I interact with others, the list could go on and on. This is a big challenge for me.  As a reminder I will be hanging hearts all around the house.

The way I see it, God gave EVERYTHING for me.  The very least I can do is put my heart into EVERYTHING for Him.  He is so good, always!

Many Blessing!

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