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My youngest son, let’s just call him Flash because he NEVER stops, created a YouTube channel and I’m not really sure how I feel about this. You see, my son’s birthday is early December so my (ex)husband let him have the option of combining his Birthday and Christmas to get the laptop he has been wanting. Now, my 11-year-old son is a YouTuber!

My oldest son, we’ll call him Jack after his all-time favorite character Jack Skellington, bought Flash a V.I.P. Roblox account.  Since then Flash has been playing on Roblox and conversing over Skype with his friends from our co-op. Flash and one of his friends have become quite serious about this game and have started creating YouTube videos. It is so weird to hear them discussing “likes”, “dislikes”, “intros” and “subscribers”.  Flash has already sponsored giveaways, and I have to admit that I am more than a little impressed.

So, being the homeschooling mom that I am, I decided to see what could be gained by being a YouTuber.

Skills that can be learned by YouTubing

  • Communications – Flash and his friend are making videos of their Roblox games with commentary.  He is working on his communication skills by speaking without hesitating.  He has to create a unique and entertaining experience for his audience.  As a side note: I know I am a bit partial but, Flash has the wit and humor to pull this off!  I am so happy he has found a productive way to use his wit for something other than sarcastic comments 😉
  • Audio Editing – I know they aren’t this far into the process.  They are still working on recording the videos.  But, should they keep with this endeavor, they will be audio editing.  They will need to master audio editing software programs and audio capturing equipment.
  • Video Editing – It takes more than just recording a game.  They will need to capture the video game properly and be able to edit the video.
  • Social Media Marketing – Being successful on YouTube is all about engaging your viewers.  Social media marketing will help gain subscribers. “You have to understand that once you start a YouTube channel, you are starting a community,” Khajah of Let’s Playing said. “You need to give your followers or subscribers the feeling that they are at home on your channel and feel comfortable. If they feel offended by your content or you abandon them, they’ll just leave a find another channel to connect with.”
  • Graphic Design – Profile pictures, album photos, custom thumbnails for videos, and art for the YouTube channel, these are all created by the YouTuber.
  • Research – Flash will need to research the best audio, video, editing, and graphics tools and equipment for making successful videos.  He will need to visit other YouTube channels to evaluate and implement any tactics that he sees working for those other channels.

As it turns out there are a lot of valuable skills for my son to learn. And in the end, he will have the satisfaction of knowing that all of these skills were self-taught through perseverance, trial, and error.

I know this hobby of his probably won’t lead to any real career choices, but and this is a BIG BUT, Flash is showing signs of dedication, consideration, cooperation, he is planning, and working on his people skills.  So I call this a win/win situation.

Any other homeschooling YouTuber kiddos out there?

Much Love & Many blessings!

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