Morning Time Routine

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Your planned time together doesn’t have to be in the morning either. We did our together work first thing in the morning. This is because I could tell a difference in how our days went when we spent our time together first. Our day just ran smoother.  Now that I am working full time away from home we are doing our together work in the afternoon.


Morning Time Routine

Our Together-Time

Prayer:  We go over our prayer list (we each keep a written list in our binders)  to see if we have any answered prayer to record or anyone to add to the list. We also include a missionary family, which we switch out each month.

Hymn Study: We are reading through Then Sings My Soul. We cover one story a week and sing the corresponding hymn every morning. The kids really enjoy this way of learning more about the hymns. They get especially excited when we sing them in services and they know the backstory!

Devotions: For our morning devotions we are reading Fruitful Families. The book’s overall theme is growing spiritual fruit.

Bible Study: We are reading through What on Earth Can I Do? – Biblical Worldview of Stewardship. The kids are also working on the corresponding Notebooking Journals.

Logic: We are using The Fallacy Detective. This is an awesome book to use to teach a Christian view of logic. We have some pretty interesting conversations, especially with my “literal” child.

Geography: We are working our way through A Child’s Geography volumes 1-4. However, we aren’t doing all of the activities in these books because we also cover this subject through other avenues.

Read Alouds: This varies, obviously. Although, I do try to choose literature that corresponds to either our History time period, Character of Study, or our Geography. But, sometimes we just have to read a fun book. The kids LOVED The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo! They don’t recommend the movie though.

My youngest and I are reading Pilgrim’s Progress together. The older two have already read it. This is a favorite in our family!

I know this looks like a lot. We don’t do everything every day. We are following a loop schedule with the Bible Study, Logic, and Geography.

Here are some resources to get you started on your own Morning Time Journey:

Do you have a Moring Time Routine? What does your basket include?
Much Love & Many Blessings!



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