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Homeschooling through the holidays can become pretty stressful.  In the 13 years that we have been homeschooling, I’ve found it’s much more peaceful to drop our regular studies and focus on the holiday.  This one, of course, being Christmas. So far, the best approach that has worked for us is

homeschooling through the holidays with Unit Studies.

The Unit Study approach focuses on one main topic incorporating several subjects, such as Bible, History, Geography, Art, Music, Home Economics, and even field trips.  Most come with book lists for further reading and step by step instructions so there’s no stress over planning.  And the best part is you only do what fits into your plans.  Make the Unit Study work for you. 

Unit Studies can be so enjoyable the kids won’t even realize they’re doing “school”.

Here are a few Christmas Unit Studies you might want to check out:

This one is currently free!

Remember, relax and enjoy yourselves!

Merry Christmas!

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