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As a mom, it is natural to put our needs last. Finding time for self-care (spiritual, physical, emotional) is so important and yet it can be such a struggle as a homeschooling mom, especially a single homeschooling mom! So, I want to share 10 ways to find some mom time and pour back into yourself.

Finding Mom Time

We can’t keep pouring into our children and others, leaving ourselves empty, and expect to be a blessing to anyone running on empty!

I neglected self-care for the longest time, telling myself, “I just don’t have the time to take for myself”, and when I would try to take time for myself I felt so guilty because I wasn’t spending that time with my children. Let’s face it we put A LOT of guilt on ourselves as single homeschooling moms.


Momma, you are doing a wonderful job raising your children! You have been thrown into a situation that nobody would choose for themselves! It’s super hard raising children, homeschooling, and working (especially away from home). BUT, momma, God has promised He will not put more on you than you can handle,1 Corinthians 10:13. YOU’VE GOT THIS! This is your calling and God always equips those whom He calls.

We need to GET RID OF THE GUILT! It is only doing damage to us as moms and to our children. How can we bring our best to our children if we have a heavy guilt cloud weighing us down? I know my children don’t want or even like a cranky exhausted guilt-laden mom.

If you’re feeling guilty, take it to the Lord and lay it down at His feet (and don’t pick it back up). Your Heavenly Father, Who loves you more than you’ll ever know, promises to give you rest, 1 Corinthians 10:13, just ask.

Here are 10 Ways to Find Time to Pour Back into Yourself

  • Make Time – Seriously, when you have an important commitment you need to keep and don’t want to forget it what do you do? You make time for it. You write it on your calendar(in ink) or set an alert on your phone so you don’t forget. Well, having some time for yourself IS an important commitment you need to keep. SO WRITE IT DOWN and KEEP the appointment.
  • Set an early bedtime for the kiddos – This will give you some time to wind down and relax too before it gets late. Use this opportunity to take a nice long candlelit bath, read a book(nourish your mind), do your devotions(nourish your soul), watch a show, you get the idea.
  • Get up an hour early – This is easier said than done, believe me, I know. I am NOT a morning person and for me to get up an hour early means I’m up at 4:30. Getting up an hour early may be something you need to build up to. Start getting up 15 minutes early at first and increase it as it gets easier for you. This hour can make a real difference in your day. When I start my day with the Lord I ALWAYS have a better day. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young is an awesome devotional journal. It has a daily devotion with room to journal your thoughts. Here is a peek inside of mine. I don’t write in my book, I use a tablet because I know I will want to reread this and I will probably be in a different season of life. On those days that I don’t get up early enough to read my Bible and do my devotion before work, I make sure that I leave for work 10-15 minutes early and read my daily devotion in my Homeschool Mom’s Bible in my car before going in to work. I keep this Bible in my car for this purpose.
  • Get a sitter – Do you have a friend with children? Chances are you do homeschooling mom 😉 Trade sitter dates with your friend.  This way you get your mom time and the opportunity to be a blessing to another mom. It’s a win-win!! Go to your favorite bookstore/coffee shop and hang out for an hour or so or whatever is your idea of fun and relaxing.
  • Go for a walk – Exercise is important(nourish your body). Getting fresh air and some exercise can really shift your mindset. Listen to an audiobook while walking or your favorite praise and worship music. This a great way to get rejuvenated!
  • Set aside a day to focus on rest – For me, this is one of my days off from work. Used to, when I had a day off I saw it as my opportunity to catch up on what needed to be done. I would spend my day doing laundry, cleaning floors and bathrooms, grocery shopping, and planning or catching up on homeschooling stuff. THIS WAS NOT THE WAY TO GO! Now, we relax. Sure, I still cook on my day off, but instead of busting my rump to get everything done, we do devotions together, read aloud, watch movies, play games together or go outside and enjoy God’s creation. This IS homeschooling at it’s best. We do chores together too. Just not a lot of them.
  • Start blogging – I know this sounds like one more thing for you to do. But, think about it for a minute. With your blog you can connect with so many other homeschooling moms, creating a new community. You can express your concerns and share new insights. Blogging may just become your new favorite creative outlet. And this is perfect to do when you put those kids to bed early. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage, get on your comfy clothes, and just let your mind go. If you don’t want to blog try journaling. Any type of brain dump is good for you(nourish your emotions).
  • Bake – Weather it’s while the kiddos are napping or during their quiet time or even with them, one thing I discovered is that while baking my mind wanders a lot, and I let it. Some pretty wonderful ideas have birthed out of our baking time.
  • Plan extra time into your errands – Sometimes when I have errands to run, I will leave the house 20-30 minutes before it’s necessary so I can have some time alone. I LOVE talking to God while in the car. I don’t know why but praying in the car is so much more “productive” than when I’m praying in my room. Maybe it’s because my mind is preoccupied with driving that I don’t actually think about what I’m praying, you know, putting too much thought into it. It’s pretty awesome. You should try it. Also, since I have extra time I stop and get a tea or coffee and read ( I always have a book in my purse) or even catch up on what’s going on on Facebook. It’s not a lot of time, but it does me wonders 🙂
  • Go to the library – I don’t know about your library, but at ours, the kids can hang out in the children’s department playing on the computer, reading, or working puzzles. They even have a train table in the back. I love our library!   I take this opportunity to sneak upstairs and find a quiet corner to read, blog, or do research. There are also activities at the library. There should be a calendar on your library’s site. You can drop your kids off at most of these activities, freeing up some mom time!!

I hope this has been a help. Please share in the comments how you find your “mom time” throughout your days.


2 comments on “Finding Mom Time”

  1. Awesome post! I’m so happy when I meet other single moms, especially those who homeschool. It’s so refreshing to know I’m not alone. The points you made here are some of the same things I enjoy doing to spend some “me” time. I used to feel guilty by doing so, but after becoming very ill years ago, that was my wake up call. Even now I tend to do too much and have to remind myself when enough is enough! Thanks for sharing!😊

  2. Thank you, Angela! I’m so glad you’ve got your health back. It IS refreshing to know we are not alone in this journey, community, even an online community, is so important when called to homeschool. I appreciate you!

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