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Fun Geography Ideas

There may be affiliate links in this post. There are so many ideas out there on how to teach Geography.  While we do use a curriculum, A Childs Geography, we tend to go off on our own rabbit trails. That’s the fun of homeschooling right? While there’s no one right way of studying Geography there’s […] Read more…

Holiday Deals for Your Artistic Child

There may be affiliate links in this post. Art is a broad and important part of life, and fostering artistic expression in kids sets them on a positive path, whether it’s hobbyist, professional, as an outlet, or pure aesthetic expression. The common thread is that it is creative, expressive, it can inspire us, and lead […] Read more…

Daylight Savings Time Resources

I’m sure you are aware of the fact that tomorrow, October 6, 2016 at 2:00 am is Daylight Savings Time (DTS). You will be “falling back” one hour. Which, in my opinion, is much better than “springing forward”. This way we get an “extra” hour to sleep, or in my case, an extra cup of coffee while getting ready for church 🙂 Read more…

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