Valentine’s Day Ideas for your Homeschool Series: STEM

Welcome to day 2 of Valentine’s Day Ideas for your Homeschool Series: STEM/STEAM.  If your children are anything like mine they would much rather spend their days doing hands-on projects than book learning. It’s so much more fun doing activities, sharing ideas, and learning together! We all know with Valentine’s Day comes all those marshmallows, conversation […] Read more…

Free Homeschooling Options

There’s so much to consider when homeschooling. One of the biggies is the budget. If you are a single homeschooling parent like me, you are most likely looking for a kid-friendly and inexpensive curriculum.  Over the past twelve years, we’ve come across a few free homeschooling options that are worth sharing. Full Curriculum Ambleside Online is […] Read more…

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