Fruit of the Spirit Study Series: Love

As I mentioned in The Choice to be Fruitful, I have begun my study series of the individual fruit of the Spirit, beginning with love.

Our definition of love must come from God, Who is Continue reading “Fruit of the Spirit Study Series: Love”

National Maple Syrup Day

December 17th is the unofficial National Maple Syrup Day.  In honor of this day here are 13 interesting facts regarding maple syrup: Continue reading “National Maple Syrup Day”

Candy Cane Fun

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The Candy Cane originated in Germany, about 300 years ago, as a white sugar stick.  Legend says that the choirmaster at Cologne Cathedral handed them out to the children to keep them quiet during the Christmas Eve Service.  In order to justify giving the children candy the choirmaster Continue reading “Candy Cane Fun”

Resources for National Day of the Horse

National Day of the Horse is always the second Saturday of December. This day was created to bring awareness of the contribution of horses to the economy, history and character of the United States. Continue reading “Resources for National Day of the Horse”

Praying for Your Missionary Wife

Our Preacher’s daughter is married to a missionary to Nauru.  While their family was home on furlough, Christina spoke at one of our Joy Fellowship Ladies meetings.  Her topic was “What Every Missionary Wish You Knew“, which included a list of things that we might not have considered concerning missionaries. Continue reading “Praying for Your Missionary Wife”

Owl Pellets and My Walk with the Lord

I know, I know, what do Owl pellets have to do with my walk with the Lord you ask?  Well let me explain where I’m coming from 🙂

A pellet, in ornithology, is the mass of undigested parts of an owl’s food that some owl species occasionally regurgitate. The contents of an owl’s pellet depend on its diet.

Did you catch the part about the contents of an owl’s pellet depend on its diet? How’s your diet?  What’s in your pellet?  Of course I am speaking Spiritually. Continue reading “Owl Pellets and My Walk with the Lord”

Breathe, Step Back, and Focus on Christ

With Christmas upon us I’m sure I’m not the only homeschooling mom who feels stress and anxiety creeping in.  Christmas is such a wonderful time full of opportunities to be a blessing to others!  I have determined that I will not let stress and anxiety get the best of me this year.

Instead I plan to breathe, step back, and focus on Christ.

Continue reading “Breathe, Step Back, and Focus on Christ”

Learning Thankfulness Through the Bible, Crafts, and Art

With Thanksgiving being celebrated this week I thought I would jump on the activities train, toot toot!  Following are some ideas for teaching thankfulness from the Bible and some other fun stuff: Continue reading “Learning Thankfulness Through the Bible, Crafts, and Art”

Holiday Deals for Your Artistic Child

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Art is a broad and important part of life, and fostering artistic expression in kids sets them on a positive path, whether it’s hobbyist, professional, as an outlet, or pure aesthetic expression. The common thread is that it is creative, expressive, it can inspire us, and lead to that wonderful thing called “flow.” So this holiday season, why not give a gift that fosters that gift of a lifetime. Continue reading “Holiday Deals for Your Artistic Child”