Resources for Holocaust Remembrance Day 2018

January 27th was formally designated as International Holocaust Remembrance Day by the United Nations General Assembly, on November 1, 2005. ¬†This date was chosen because on this day in 1945 the Russians troops liberated Auschwitz. In Hebrew, Holocaust Remembrance Day is called Yom¬†HaShoah, The Catastrophe. ¬†According to the Jewish Virtual Library, “Since the early 1960’s, […] Read more…

4 Rules of Communication

When my husband and I came back together you can imagine there were some adjustments to be made. ¬†After all, the children were used to dealing with two different homes with two different sets of rules. ¬†And the fact that we were apart for more than two years, it would take some time to get […] Read more…

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