Red Nose Day – May 25, 2017

A clown style red nose is the symbol of Red Nose Day, which is a massive fundraising event held by Comic Relief every two years and this year it returns on May 25th.

Comic Relief was started by comedians who wanted to use comedy and laughter to let people know about poverty in the UK and Africa. It was launched in 1985, from a refugee camp in Sudan.

Comic Relief and Red Nose Day

The very first Red Nose Day was held in 1988, with millions of people participating in its first year. Check out some of the highlights of Comic Relief’s history timeline. Continue reading “Red Nose Day – May 25, 2017”

Resources for Holocaust Remembrance Day 2017

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January 27th was formally designated as International Holocaust Remembrance Day by the United Nations General Assembly, on November 1, 2005.  This date was chosen because on this day in 1945 the Russians troops liberated Auschwitz. Continue reading “Resources for Holocaust Remembrance Day 2017”

World Toilet Day

I have to admit, when I first heard about “World Toilet Day” I chuckled.  I thought it was one of those silly made up days.  After I looked into it I learned that World Toilet Day is a United Nations (UN) observance, on November 19.  A day created to bring awareness for all the people who do not have access to a toilet, and the urgent need to end the sanitation crisis which affects billions of people around the world. Continue reading “World Toilet Day”