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Who doesn’t love eating candy canes this time of year(or anytime really)? So why not have some Candy Cane Fun?

The Legend

The Candy Cane originated in Germany, about 300 years ago, as a white sugar stick.  The legend goes there once was a choirmaster at Cologne Cathedral who handed these sugar sticks out to the children. This was his way of keeping them quiet during the Christmas Eve Service.  In order to justify giving the children candy, the choirmaster requested a shepherd’s crook be put at the top of the sticks to remind the children of the shepherds that visited Jesus.  He also used the white color of the sticks to teach them about the sinless life of Jesus.


Fun Candy Cane Books

Fun Candy Cane Experiments

Fun Candy Cane Activities

Fun Candy Cane Worksheets

Fun Candy Cane Recipes

And we must have a video showing how the candy canes are made!

I hope you have fun with these.  We are 🙂

Share some of your favorite candy cane activities in the comments below.

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