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With Christmas upon us I’m sure I’m not the only homeschooling mom who feels stress and anxiety creeping in. Christmas is such a wonderful time full of opportunities to be a blessing to others!  I have determined that I will not let stress and anxiety get the best of me this year.

Instead, I plan to breathe, step back, and focus on Christ.

Last year was not a real good memory making Christmas.  My husband and I were separated.  I was working full-time and the kids were left pretty much on their own, most of the time.  We lived at my mother’s house, which is a horror story in and of itself.  And to top it off two of the three kids spent Christmas in Florida with their dad.

So I am determined to make this Christmas ONE TO REMEMBER!  We will be putting our regular curriculum on hold and celebrating Advent. YAY! We will be doing a special activity each day, even if it’s just making homemade hot chocolate and reading aloud, we will be intentionally spending time together.

Below is a list of what we have planned.  We might get to it all and we might not. But, that’s not really the point.  The point is we will be spending every day of December together, making memories.  Although the Bible reading we will definitely be doing.  I am a stickler on that one!

Our routine (you notice I said routine, not schedule) will be Bible reading in the morning, prayer chain, hymn singing/listening, and reading the story behind the hymn.  The children will be doing daily copywork from the Bible, relating to the verses read that day.  Here is the site I used to create their copywork.  Then they will open that day’s canister which reveals the activity for the day.  Here is just one version of this type of Advent Calendar.  In the evening we will be lighting our Advent candle(s), reading Good News of Great Joy, Daily Reading for Advent by John Piper, and praying together.

Here are some of the resources we will be using:

Great Old Time Holiday Stories for the Family presented by HomeschoolRadioShows.com – This CD has 4 Christmas ebooks which include The Children’s Book of Christmas Stories and mp3 recordings of old holiday radio show including The Cinnamon Bear!  We will also be using the ebook Classic Christmas Candy and Fudge from this CD.


Celebrate Jesus Light of the World, an Advent Journey for Families is what we are using for our morning Scripture reading and daily Hymn suggestions.  Amy has this laid out very well including a daily schedule for those who don’t stress at the very mention of the word SCHEDULE 😉


Good News of Great Joy, Daily Reading for Advent is the book we will be using for our evening reading, as mentioned above.


We will also be reading at least one picture book every day.  I used the reading lists provided by Read Aloud Revival and Your Morning Basket to create my own list.

These are the Planned activities:

  • December 1 – Create a Prayer Chain
  • December 2 – Borax Crystal Snowflakes
  • December 3 – String Popcorn and Cranberries while watching a Christmas movie
  • December 4 – Create a Lego Nativity Scene for display
  • December 5 – Make Birdseed Christmas Ornaments
  • December 6 – Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees
  • December 7 – Melted Crayon Art Christmas Ornament
  • December 8 – Snacks and Board Games after Co-op
  • December 9 – Christmas Cards
  • December 10 – Make Placemats
  • December 11 – Snacks and Board Games between Services
  • December 12 – Make a Gingerbread House
  • December 13 – Make Mailman Thank You Cards & Gift
  • December 14 – Printing Holiday Trees Craft
  • December 15 – Make Candy Cane Wreaths for the windows (with supplies from the dollar store 🙂 )
  • December 16 – Make Old Fashioned Christmas Candy
  • December 17 – Make Paper Snowflakes
  • December 18 – Watch Miracle on 34th Street
  • December 19 – French Toast and Hot Coco for Supper
  • December 20 – Bake Cookies for our Librarians (and us)
  • December 21 -Reading Marathon with Prizes and Snacks
  • December 22 – Take Kids Shopping for Each Other
  • December 23 –  Drive Through Light Display ( in jams with blankets and hot cocoa)
  • December 24 – Wrap Gifts and Watch Christmas Movies

Like I said, we may get to all of these and we may not.  As long as we slow down and focus on what’s most important about this season I will be one happy Momma!

I hope this might inspire some of you to step back, slow down, and spend quality time with your family while focusing on Christ.

Many Blessings!!

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