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William Tell Day is November 18.  According to legend, this is the day in 1307 in which William Tell split an apple to its core while on the head of his son.

Here is a list of activities for your day (or week) 😉

  1.  Listen to the audiobook of William Tell Told Again. The entire book is approximately one hour and 45 minutes.


2.  Read along with the audio.  Here is the PDF.

Read The Apple and the Arrow by Mary and Conrad Buff

3. aswewalkalongtheroad.com offers a nice Unit Study for The Apple and the Arrow.  This study is recommended for the upper elementary and middle school levels.

homeschoolshare.com also has a nice Unit Study for any level.

4.  A Coloring Page

5.  Listen to the ROSSINI: William Tell Overture (full version) or the Overture Final.

6.  Nerf target practice or real archery.  My daughter prefers the bow when it comes to target practice.

7.  Apple games:

Grabbing an Apple – hang apples from a clothesline and the kids try to catch the apples with their teeth (no hands)!

Musical Apple Pass – the kids pass an apple as the music plays when it stops the one with the apple wins a treat.

Apple Toss – all you need are apples and a basket.  Each time they make the basket they step further away and try again.  The one who can make the basket from the furthest point wins.

8.  And what’s a special day without snacks?  Here are a few ideas:

tasteofhome.com has a William Tell’s never-miss apple cake.

foodnetwork.com has a William Tell crepe that looks amazing.

williams-sonoma.com has a Baked Spiced Apples recipe.

quickandeasyrecipes.net has a Baked Apple Chips recipe.

pocketchangegourmet.com has an Apple Cinnamon Snack Mix recipe.

I wish you a deliciously fun William Tell Day!

Many Blessings!!

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