Fruit of the Spirit Study Series: Joy

This is the second post in the Fruit of the Spirit Study Series.  If you missed the first post you can find it here.   This study series has been such a blessing to me.  Going through Scripture, there’s just so much to Continue reading “Fruit of the Spirit Study Series: Joy”

4 Rules of Communication

When my husband and I came back together you can imagine there were some adjustments to be made.  After all, the children were used to dealing with two different homes with two different sets of rules.  And the fact that we were apart for more than two years, it would take some time to get back into our own roles.

Life was wonderful for the first couple months, but Continue reading “4 Rules of Communication”

My 11 Year Old Son is a YouTuber!

My youngest son, let’s just call him Flash because he NEVER stops, created a YouTube channel and I’m not real sure how I feel about this. You see, my son’s birthday is early December so my husband let him have the option of Continue reading “My 11 Year Old Son is a YouTuber!”

Fruit of the Spirit Study Series: Love

As I mentioned in The Choice to be Fruitful, I have begun my study series of the individual fruit of the Spirit, beginning with love.

Our definition of love must come from God, Who is Continue reading “Fruit of the Spirit Study Series: Love”

The Choice to be Fruitful

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As I mentioned in Owl Pellets and My Walk with the Lord, the desire of my heart is to draw closer to God.  If you haven’t read that post, you can find it here.

One way for me to draw closer to God is to grow in my knowledge of God. And a way to grow in my knowledge of God is to Continue reading “The Choice to be Fruitful”

The Positives of Social Media

I’m always hearing negative comments about Social Media.  I know there are some negatives about Social Media.  After all, we do live in a fallen world.  But, today I want to point out some positives about Social Media. Continue reading “The Positives of Social Media”

National Maple Syrup Day

December 17th is the unofficial National Maple Syrup Day.  In honor of this day here are 13 interesting facts regarding maple syrup: Continue reading “National Maple Syrup Day”

Candy Cane Fun

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The Candy Cane originated in Germany, about 300 years ago, as a white sugar stick.  Legend says that the choirmaster at Cologne Cathedral handed them out to the children to keep them quiet during the Christmas Eve Service.  In order to justify giving the children candy the choirmaster Continue reading “Candy Cane Fun”

Resources for National Day of the Horse

National Day of the Horse is always the second Saturday of December. This day was created to bring awareness of the contribution of horses to the economy, history and character of the United States. Continue reading “Resources for National Day of the Horse”

Praying for Your Missionary Wife

Our Preacher’s daughter is married to a missionary to Nauru.  While their family was home on furlough, Christina spoke at one of our Joy Fellowship Ladies meetings.  Her topic was “What Every Missionary Wish You Knew“, which included a list of things that we might not have considered concerning missionaries. Continue reading “Praying for Your Missionary Wife”