16 Apps that Can Save/Make You Money

As single moms, one of our biggest struggles is finances. Many of us are leaving our children home or with a sitter so we can go to a job that barely covers the bills. And some of us, like me, are working two jobs to make ends meet and have a little left over at the end of the month. The struggle is real and I get it!!  Because of this, I have found some apps that can save/make you money.


Advent Calendar Activity Ideas

Finding Mom Time

As a mom, it is natural to put our needs last. Finding time for self-care (spiritual, physical, emotional) is so important and yet it can be such a struggle as a homeschooling mom, especially a single homeschooling mom! So, I want to share 10 ways to find some mom time and pour back into yourself.



Charlotte Mason was a classical English educator in England at the turn of the twentieth century. She proposed to base the education of children upon a wide and liberal curriculum.

The Charlotte Mason Method(CM) is based on Charlotte’s firm belief that a child is a person and we must educate that whole person, not just his mind. So a Charlotte Mason education is three-pronged: in her words, “Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life.


Morning Time Routine

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